Frequently Asked Questions

What does the 1E 2E 3E etc mean after a title?


Unless otherwise stated, each title entry covers all the editions of that title.

A 1E 2E 3E etc means we include more than 1 edition per title. We may supply any edition that is in stock for that title. For example, we may supply a 3E if the title states 1E 2E 3E.


What does condition #1 mean?


We use a 5 point condition rating scale with #1 being the best & age being taken into consideration.

An excellent condition (1) book is generally like new.
A very good condition (2) book is read but well cared for with slight imperfections.
An average condition (3) book shows wear and age.
A fair condition (4) book shows hard use or may be an ex-library book.
A poor condition (5) may have serious damage.

Absence of a dust jacket on a usually dust-jacketed book will downgrade a book to a fair (4) on books published in 1980 or later and to an average (3) for earlier books (all other things being equal).


What does the "+" mean next to the publication date?


A plus sign (+) following the year of publication indicates the entry covers the initial and subsequent publication years.

For example, we may supply a 1975 printing if publication year states 1971+.


What does the Unspecified binding mean?


An unspecified binding covers a book which was published in both hardbound and softbound editions. It also covers spiralbound and 3 ring binders.

In other words, any book published with more than one binding or a non-standard binding.


Why don't you have ISBNs for all your books?


International Standard Book Numbers (ISBNs) are not used for identification purposes. Similar books often have numerous ISBNs due to each country’s edition having its own number and reprints and editions with only minor changes or no changes each having their own ISBNs.

We list ISBNs for books we believe have only 1 ISBN.


What language is the book?


The book is in the language of the title unless otherwise stated.


Do you ship internationally?


Yes we ship internationally. We only ship via airmail. If you want another option, please contact us prior to ordering for a quote. If you want insurance or another postal option, please contact us prior to ordering for a quote.


All international orders must be paid with a credit card.

Do you accept bank transfers?


No, we do not accept bank transfers.


When will my order arrive? This depends on speed of shipping ordered. We usually ship within 2 business days of the order. Customs delays may add extra time to delivery estimates for International orders.

Domestic USPS media mail may take 7 to 21 business days to arrive.
Domestic USPS priority & UPS ground may take 3 to 7 business days to arrive.
International (including Canada & Mexico) airmail may take 10 to 14 business days to arrive.


What about in print or other transportation books? We carry out of print and rare books. For in print transportation books, please try the EnthusiastBooks website.


Why does "Iconografix" appear on my credit card statement? Credit cards are processed by our parent company & will be listed as Iconografix.